Griffeye at work — Gabriela Badea

Griffeye at work — Gabriela Badea
September 22, 2022 Gabriela Badea


We are more than just a software company”

When Gabriela Badea first joined Griffeye, she had to deep-dive into our core mission fast. Especially given the fact that, in her role as a Digital Designer, one of her first tasks was to realign our visual identity with the heart and mission of the brand.

Here, we talk with her about everything from why a brand’s visual identity matters to a recent communication project she feels really embodies the Griffeye mission. She also explains the meaning behind our 2022 brand theme: “Elevating investigations for greater impact.

What is your role at Griffeye and how long have you been working here?

I’ve been a part of the Marketing team at Griffeye for one and a half years as a Digital Designer. I’m in charge of Griffeye‘s visual identity and how our brand is communicated. 

Why are design and visual identity so important for Griffeye?

When I joined Griffeye, my first project was to update the visual identity to better embody the core of the Griffeye brand. My biggest source of inspiration for this project was our products. It was important that the uniqueness and stateoftheart nature of the products were also reflected in our graphics and visual elements. 

In earlier days, Griffeye had a more typical tech look and I wanted to modernize it. We chose to go with a more minimalistic design which allows our message to always be the main focus of our communication. 

My goal was to make Griffeye a coherent and easytorecognize brand. It shouldn’t matter if you meet us at a webinar or an in-person conference. You should always recognize Griffeye.

Can you tell us about the Griffeye mission, and how it influences the way we communicate?

Our mission at Griffeye is “To serve those who protect” and it permeates everything we do. We are more than just a software company, and when we communicate with our users, partners, employeesand everyone who comes in contact with us— we strive to do so in a way that conveys our mission and heart.

Can you give us an example of a marketing project you’re proud of?

Last year, we wanted to create a short film explaining what Griffeye does, with a focus on the benefits of our products rather than the technical features. One of the most important things when going into this project was to make sure that even people outside the law enforcement community could understand who we are and what we do. 

We were very inspired by Sherry Torres’ story and decided to highlight it. Sherry has extensive experience working on child sexual abuse (CSA) investigations and uses our software every day. When she started her career, technical solutions were limited which means she had to do most of her job manually. So Sherry has truly experienced the difference that software like ours can make for investigative work.

Having Sherry share her story in the film helped us communicate the impact that Griffeye makes in the daily work of law enforcement professionals. The film shows the heart of our company and explains why we do what we do it’s all about our users. 

Griffeye’s theme for 2022 is “ELEVATING INVESTIGATIONS FOR GREATER IMPACT. Can you tell us more about what that means?

The idea behind this message is to highlight the fact that the law enforcement officers dealing with CSA investigations are making a great impact on our society. And the more we at Griffeye can make their job easier, the greater results these individuals can achieve. We always strive to elevate their investigations by offering complimentary training and an interactive community, in addition to our powerful software.

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