Griffeye at the United Nations 76th General Assembly

Griffeye at the United Nations 76th General Assembly
October 6, 2021 Gabriela Badea

Griffeye at the United Nations 76th General Assembly

Griffeye’s CEO Johann Hofmann had the honor to speak at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, focusing on Child sexual exploitation online.

The purpose of the event was to highlight trends and developments in child sexual exploitation online, challenges police face when investigating CSA cases, and describe how AI can be used to facilitate in these investigations. Member States were also introduced to the “AI for Safer Children” initiative where Griffeye’s CEO Johann Hofmann is part of the Advisory Board.

” In my opinion one of the most important applications of AI is to elevate the investigator in finding critical clues much sooner in the process. If AI can help reduce manual labor, that means reduced exposure to officers so that they can stay in the fight longer”, says Johann Hofmann.

The AI for Safer Children initiative was launched in November 2020, with the goal of combating online CSAM through the exploration of new technological solutions, specifically Artificial Intelligence.    

“Unfortunately this is a growing problem in society, which is why we are happy to be a part of this initiative and be able to raise awareness and advocacy to tackle online CSAM”, says Johann Hofmann.

Watch the recorded event here.

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