Griffeye and Thorn partner to help law enforcement identify victims of child sexual abuse faster, on a global front

Griffeye and Thorn partner to help law enforcement identify victims of child sexual abuse faster, on a global front
February 12, 2024 Kristin Berglund

Gothenburg, Sweden, February 12th, 2024

The Thorn CSAM Classifier is now available in Griffeye Analyze to help investigators triage, review files, and tackle next steps directly within their existing investigative workflows.

Griffeye and Thorn partner to help law enforcement identify victims of child sexual abuse faster, on a global front

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Today, Griffeye, the Sweden-based world leader in digital media forensics for child sexual abuse investigations and Thorn, a nonprofit that builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse, announced a global partnership to address the urgent challenges posed by the rise in child sexual abuse (CSA) crime. The aim is to empower law enforcement worldwide in identifying more victims of child sexual abuse, faster.

In the past several decades, technology has exacerbated some of the world’s most pressing issues, including the production and distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). This partnership comes at a crucial time when CSAM investigators face an ever-increasing volume of material in their daily work, with potential victims of ongoing abuse hidden in the lakes of previously unknown data.

The integration makes Thorn’s CSAM classifier available directly within Griffeye Analyze, the software platform used by the law enforcement community worldwide, working with digital media investigations for child sexual abuse cases. The classifier elevates unknown CSAM images and videos, surfacing this material for triage, review, and escalation in the platform that investigators use as their home base. This efficiency gain—enabled by integration—is critical to identify victims more quickly and increase the capacity to process and solve more cases.

“Consistently providing law enforcement with the most effective solutions is crucial for enhancing their efficiency in daily work. We know that our users require an ecosystem of tools, and by integrating additional tools, such as the Thorn CSAM Classifier into our open platform, we will, together in this partnership, enable investigators to do more of what they do best, identify victims and solve more cases.

In addition, as Griffeye and Thorn are driven by the same purpose and share a common view on the potential of technology to end online child sexual abuse, I look forward with confidence to the impact that this important partnership will bring,” says Johann Hofmann, CEO of Griffeye Technologies.

The integration also promotes a strong commitment to investigator wellness. The leveraging the classifier as an initial filter, it helps control law enforcement’s exposure to CSAM, eliminating duplicated efforts and automating manual tasks. This not only streamlines processes but also allows for enhanced resilience and emotional well-being crucial for sustaining this ever-important work.

“We are proud to partner with Griffeye—a trusted, innovative, and fiercely dedicated protector of children,” says Kristin Boorse, VP Victim Identification at Thorn. “Each CSAM file depicts the real-life abuse of a child. This material can haunt these victims for their entire lives—stripping the safety, curiosity, and happiness that makes kids, kids. The thought that our partnership can help law enforcement identify victims faster and support the emotional health of first responders gives me so much hope.”

The Thorn CSAM Classifier is now available within Griffeye Analyze DI Pro, available for law enforcement use immediately. The classifier will be retrained annually to empower Griffeye Analyze with a best-in-class offering.

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About Griffeye

Griffeye revolutionized law enforcement investigation processes with the release of its digital investigation platform in 2015. Today, Griffeye is world-leading in its field and used by over 1,000 police agencies across the world for processing, sorting and analyzing large volumes of images and videos – especially in cases containing child sexual abuse (CSA) material.

Griffeye is part of Magnet Forensics.

About Thorn

Thorn is a nonprofit that builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse. Thorn creates products that help law enforcement identify child victims faster, provides services for the tech industry to play a proactive role in detecting, identifying, and reporting abuse content from their platforms, and works directly with youth and communities to build resilient kids. Learn more about Thorn’s mission to build technology to defend children from sexual abuse at

For press inquiries: [email protected]

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