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DHS is using facial recognition to help rescue victims of child exploitation.
March 23, 2018 Kristofer

DHS is using facial recognition technology to help rescue victims of child exploitation

At Griffeye, we are proud of having been involved in this project for several years.

The project, run by The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate in the USA, is called Child Exploitation Image Analytics (CHEXIA). One of the main objectives of the project has been to test various facial recognition programs on datasets of seized images of child exploitation to see which works the best. Using facial recognition as technical means to rescue victims of child sexual abuse is one of the most challenging applications due to the nature of the data that is uncontrolled and the complexity of the aging aspect of victims over time. By proofing that facial recognition can work in this use case we can also be confident that face recognition is up for pretty much anything these days.

Our part in the project is that we have provided the technical platform that allows DHS to use the different face recognition applications on actual cases. We have also acted as technology expert and sounding board to the project. A benefit of integrating the technology into an existing platform, is that it has made it possible to transfer the results of the research effort to a platform that the DHS is already using in their investigations.

As a result it is now possible for users of the Griffeye platform to use any of those tools without any further integration. We’re very excited at the prospect of the results that this development can bring.


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