Capture the flag

Capture the flag
January 4, 2022 Gabriela Badea

Sign up to compete in our first official Capture the Flag game!

Designed by our instructors to be a fun escape from everyday work, but also educational and professionally rewarding. Join us to learn new things that will help you in future investigations, and challenge your colleagues for the highest score.

What is Capture the Flag?

CTF (Capture the Flag) is a sport where two or more teams compete to capture each other’s flags. In our digital forensics version of the game, we’re asking individual contestants to solve a variety of challenges which typically involve finding a specific piece of text hidden somewhere within the software. Once an individual challenge is solved, a “flag” is given to the player and they submit it to the CTF server to earn points.

CTF events are usually timed, and the points are totaled once the time has expired. The winning player will be the one that solved the most challenges and thus secured the highest score.

The Griffeye CTF

In Griffeye’s CTF game, you’ll be faced with real-life challenges that put your problem-solving skills to the test. Some questions are easily solved, while others are much more challenging.

In total, the challenges are designed to take approximately 5 hours to complete. That is, 5 hours of fun, with the added benefit of learning.


Get ready

After registering, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address with a .zip download containing the digital media files for the challenge. The passwords for the .zip files will be shared the day of the game.

To gain access to the CTF game in advance, follow Griffeye on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, where we will share the passwords two days before the start of the game.

Keep in mind that the challenge was designed for Analyze DI Pro users, and using our tool will greatly help in locating the relevant media. If you’re already a licensed Analyze DI Pro user, great, you’re ready to get started!

If you don’t have a license you can obtain a free 90-day trial of Analyze DI Pro here. Be sure to register a few days in advance since account approvals are done manually.


In the Griffeye CTF challenge, you will compete as individuals. The challenge is open for 10 days (January 14-24) so you can compete whenever it suits your schedule. There will be no time bonus for completing the challenge faster, to prevent advantages being gained by time zones or flexible schedules. The person with the highest score wins.


The challenge has three levels of difficulty:

Snowflake challenges are worth 25 points each, and are the least difficult.  Free, detailed hints are available for these challenges. Anyone with basic familiarity with Analyze DI should be able to complete these.

Blizzard challenges are worth 50 points each and are of medium difficulty.  These challenges are worth 50 points, but hints cost 15 points each. Anyone who has attended our training should easily be able to complete these. 

The Avalanche challenges are worth 100 points each and are the most difficult. No hints available. Completing these challenges should be possible for an Analyze DI certified examiner with basic to moderate familiarity with Digital Forensics.

The winners

The winners will be awarded a premium quality Griffeye t-shirt, mug, cap, mouse pad, note book, and tote bag. The winners will be announced on January 25th on Griffeye’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. 

Support and questions

For technical issues or general questions regarding the challenge, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Analyze DI Pro

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