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The most common question: A chat with Customer Care
August 30, 2016 Kristofer

The most common question: A chat with Customer Care

Taking good care of our customers is something that we take really seriously at Griffeye. We want to build great relationships with our customers and we are always interested to hear feedback on how to improve our products and services. But how does that transform into customer care?

To find out, we sat down to chat with Klas Waldenfors and Elin Sahlén from our Customer Care team. As always with the Griffeye Customer Care team there is a positive atmosphere and a great deal of laughter and friendly banter, something that we hope shines through to our customers.

Tell me about what you do in Customer Care?

“We handle everything from license requests to complex large Analyze CS installations. We also monitor the Griffeye user forum, where both new and really senior users can ask questions, discuss issues and help each other out”, says Klas. “We make sure that the answers are correct and if there are reoccurring questions we add them to the FAQ. Sometimes we’ll also make a tutorial for that particular problem or feature.”

Elin adds, “Another great thing about the forum is that users can add feature requests and we will always take them into consideration. The users really appreciate that, but it’s also invaluable feedback to the developers at Griffeye.”

Is this the “new” user forum that was introduced in February 2016?

“Exactly, the forum has been really great, with many active users learning from each other and sharing knowledge. It has become everything that we hoped for”, says Elin. “We only really have one complaint”, she adds with a smile. “We really wish people would upload their picture so that we can see whom we are talking to. That makes it so much more personal. And that means better service”, she says.

So is all support handled through the user forum?

“A lot of it is, but anyone that has a support agreement gets to talk to our lovely selves in person and will get quick and direct service”, says Klas. “Most people prefer e-mail though, so they can read the answers when it suits them.”

What is the most common question?

The most common question is ‘how do I get a license?’, says Elin.

“We love that question as it means there is a lot of interest in Griffeye Analyze.”

“Do you do carving?” is also a question we get a lot”, Elin says, “and the answer is no. We collaborate with the best in the industry and instead have a workflow between the different tools and solutions.”

“Another pretty frequent question is which formats we can process. The answer is, of course, in our FAQs here

Do you have any general advice for the Griffeye users?

Elin replies, “Knowledge of the Analyze tool varies between users, from those that almost use the tool to its full potential to those that use it just for categorization. In addition, we continuously add new features to enhance the user experience, increase the user’s efficiency and the quality of the work produced. I think that everyone, even the most senior users, can benefit from training – so that would be my advice and recommendation.”

“Plus they get to meet us! And get certified”, adds Klas.

He continues, “On a more serious note, we have understood that many people also benefit from meeting other users at our trainings. There is great gain from meeting peers and hearing how they use the solution, and what their workflows look like.”

What is the most common misunderstanding?

“That the product is free for everything and everyone, which is unfortunately not the case”, says Klas and smiles.

“Griffeye Analyze DI has been donated to Project VIC for use in child sexual abuse cases, and is therefore pro bono for Law Enforcement working with child sexual abuse investigations. We think that the issue of child sexual abuse is so important that we want everyone to benefit from the tool when handling those cases. To find perpetrators and save the children involved.”

Elin continues, “This is not to say that other crimes and use cases are less important, but child sexual abuse is our pro bono initiative. Therefore, for all other use cases, the Griffeye solution comes with a price, like any other tool on the market. People understand when we explain this, and they appreciate that it works like any other tool.”

“Quite often we get e-mails from investigators saying that they have previously worked with Analyze in CSA investigations and have moved on to work with other crime types, and that the tool is just as usable there. That’s always great to hear.”

So, final question, what is the next thing we can expect to see from you?

Elin answers, “Well, the portal is just in its first phase. We are working on a lot more material, like video tutorials and partner interviews. And there is most likely going to be forums for special use cases, where the users can ask specific questions within their crime type.”

“And with the new API, you can expect more partner modules that can be used on the Analyze Platform” says Klas. “Also, I want to add that the most important thing for us is that our customers are happy. Therefore, if anyone has any thoughts, ideas or opinions on how to improve the forum or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

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