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How child predator was caught by tiny clue in photo he posted online
April 26, 2016 Kristofer

How child predator was caught by tiny clue in photo he posted online

The CNN Freedom Project is a set of incredible stories that amplify the voices of the victims of modern-day slavery and highlight success stories, such as Project VIC. We are very proud to be one of the founding partners of Project VIC and to aid law enforcement in their incredibly important work to save children from child sexual abuse.

In the interview with CNN, Jim Cole, special agent and supervisor of Victim Identification at the Homeland Security Investigations Cyber Crimes Center, talks about the technology used, including Griffeye Analyze:

“What used to take us nine months now takes us a month. It helps us review video on a scale of about 100 times faster than previously. It’s been a complete game-changer for law enforcement and we get that feedback from the field all the time.”

“We’ve been absolutely floored by the success we’ve seen with Project VIC. Going back a few years we were seeing victims in the low hundreds and in this past year we’ve rescued over 1,000 victims just in HSI alone and we’ve seen similar results in other agencies as well.”

Johann Hofmann, Director and Head of Griffeye, adds:

“As more and more crime is becoming more and more digital as data is being distributed online, you see a new type of police officer that is behind a computer screen and with the right tools they can crack these cases.”

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