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Announcing new solution for
July 6, 2017 Kristofer

Announcing new solution to help teams get better results

Today we are proud to officially launch Analyze CS Operations. It is a powerful solution for processing and analyzing digital media investigations at local, regional or special offices, and saves both time and resources. CS Operations provides the tools for law enforcement teams to create efficient and effective workflows, to work collaboratively on the same cases and to share information and knowledge with each other.

At Griffeye, we have always prided ourselves in listening closely to our users. You told us that you needed technology that would make it easier for you to work in teams, and really use the collective knowledge and capacity of the team. That would allow you to work effectively together and share information with each other. That would move the processing power centrally to solve problems with hardware limitations and also store information centrally to accumulate all the knowledge in an investigation, to avoid the risk of duplicating efforts. So, we got to work – and created Analyse CS Operations.

Simply put, Analyze CS Operations allows for teams to work together with central processing power and a central repository of case data and case analysis. CS Operations not only alleviates the stress of working a case alone, reduces heavy workloads, and speeds up work processes. It also leverages the team’s collective knowledge, skills and efforts.

With CS Operations, teams can process, analyze, automate and prioritize cases. It has the power and capacity to rapidly and intelligently process huge volumes of data and deliver fast, accurate results. The open API allows for easy integration with other tools.

The beta version of CS Operations has been under development for some time and with the help of input and feedback from our user community the solution has quickly progressed. We are now excited to present the live version.

We are committed to technology that helps people and teams become even better at what they do, freeing up time and resources for investigators to focus on what they do best – cracking the case. With Griffeye Analyze Operations we take that commitment to the next level.

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