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Announcing Analyze DI Pro. Get the most out of your investigation.
June 15, 2017 Kristofer

Announcing Analyze DI Pro.
Get the most out of your investigation.

We are excited to announce the launch of a new product in our product range, Analyze DI Pro, that will be available to the market fall 2017.

Analyze DI Pro offers advanced analytical features and capabilities, technology integrations, and the flexibility to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. It is the perfect tool for investigations that require a more sophisticated and powerful approach, or if you are an investigator that want to take your work to the next level.

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Analyze DI Pro is an advanced investigation tool, used to process, analyze, visualize and manage large volumes of images and video. Whether you work with analysis of CCTV footage, or you or your agency want to take a more victim centric approach, Analyze DI Pro is the right choice for you, ensuring effective and efficient investigations.

Analyze DI Pro will include a number of new, powerful and exciting features, such as next generation video capabilities (VUP Pro), and new and refined ways of processing, analyzing and reviewing video ingested from a variety of sources (including proprietary CCTV) – all to be introduced during fall 2017. At the same time, some of the existing and more advanced features in Analyze DI, such as Analyze Relations, Analyze Annotations and the open API, are moved into DI Pro only. You can expect these existing features getting more attention in the near future, including several new and exciting technology integrations.

Difference between Analyze DI Core and Analyze DI Pro

We have spent a lot of time listening carefully to our customers: Your needs, challenges, wishes, and what features and possibilities that you ask for. It soon became clear that we have two types of users.

The first type uses Analyze DI for categorization and straightforward image/video review and analysis. For those users, although continuous development and improvement is important, an increasing range of features and capabilities are unnecessary and simply clutters the tool.

Quite differently, the second type of users work with investigations that require advanced features and more sophisticated methods to get the job done. Many are also driven by a personal motivation to do more, or they work at an agency where there is a momentum and drive to increase effectiveness, or change the focus in investigations, for example by working with a more victim centric approach.

Analyze DI Pro has been created to best satisfy both types of users. Analyze DI Core will be kept powerful, straightforward and uncluttered. Analyze DI Pro will offer all the advanced and sophisticated features that you have told us that you need, from technology integrations to advanced video capabilities. Also, very importantly, introducing Analyze DI Pro means we can invest more in innovation, development, and new and exciting partnerships, as well as put more resources into improving the core of both products.

The difference between Analyze DI Core and Analyze DI Pro? Download the comparison sheet.

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