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Analyze Forensic Market

An extensive digital marketplace gives you access to valuable apps developed by Griffeye and by third-party developers – allowing you to add new functionality as your needs change.

An open market place for the
Analyze Platform

The Griffeye Analyze platform is open and modular because we believe that you should always have the very best technology for the job. That’s why we’ve attracted the best and brightest of new technologies in the field of forensic investigations.
You can choose from our continuously updated range of add-ons or link to your choice of specialist applications, ensuring Analyze is continually updated to remain on the cutting edge of digital forensic investigations.
Annotate objects, people, etc. in images.


Analyze Statistics
Generate charts to illustrate and compare data.


Social Media Identifier
Detect if files have been downloaded from social networks.


NCMEC Utility Pack
Prepare files for submission to NCMEC’s Child Victim Identification program (CVIP)


Reverse Geocoding
Convert GPS coordinates to a physical address.


LACE Carver
Recover/carve all of the pictures, video and text files on a hard drive, CD, DVD, SD or Flash Drive.


Keyword matching
Match filenames against a keyword dictionary.


Hex Viewer
View files in the embedded Hex Viewer.


Video Utility Pack


Detection and recognition of faces in images and videos.


Find files on the Internet, for example images taken by the same camera.


Analyze Relations
Expose and navigate relations between files.


Analyze DI Pro

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