Analyze Examiner UK – registration

Register for Analyze Examiner training

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

June 13 – 15, 2022

This event is only suitable for users experienced in the digital forensic process. For others, please consider our Investigator Training.


Increase effectiveness and become Analyze DI Certified

A typical Analyze DI user normally uses only a fraction of the software’s full capacity. Through better utilization of the software it is possible to increase both effectiveness and quality of investigations and address the inevitable backlogs that challenge all DFUs.

Several new tools from Griffeye also fundamentally change the approach to creating Griffeye cases and offer significant opportunities for improving efficiencies.

This 2-day Analyze DI in-class training course, has been developed to provide attendees with detailed instructions on the features and functions of Analyze DI and how to use them to reduce workload, achieve better results, and solve more cases more quickly. Attendees will gain superior skills to investigate digital media and learn how to fully utilize and integrate the feature-rich Analyze tool into their workflow. All attendees completing this training become Analyze DI certified.


The training is led by our instructors with significant experience in investigating complex CSA cases. An outline of the course content (subject to change) is provided below.

The course combines instructor-led content and demos with practical exercises to reinforce the learning concepts. The attendees will also be able to test their understanding and practical application of the course materials at the end of each day, in more thorough exercises.


Who should attend?

The course is designed for investigators and forensic examiners within law enforcement, defence, and private sector who are creating (and perhaps investigating) Griffeye cases.

Training agenda

  • Intro and Admin (ppt)
  • Program Overview – Intro to the GID
  • Case Creation and Management
  • Case Processing (ppt)
  • The Analyze DI Interface
  • Categorization Techniques
  • Applying Intelligence
  • Filters and Sorting
  • Leveraging EXIF Data
  • Analyze DI handling Videos and Documents
  • Searching
  • Face Detection
  • The Griffeye Brain
  • Camera Forensics
  • Lace Carver Integration
  • Additional Apps
  • Workflow Checklist
  • CLASS SCENARIO: Search Warrant
  • Exporting Data
  • Reporting
  • Updating Intelligence
  • Connecting to Standalone GIDs

Students will investigate several real-life type scenarios to understand and practice how to apply the features listed above