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Analyze 16.4 – Facing Endless possibilities
November 28, 2016 Kristofer

Facing Endless possibilities – Analyze 16.4

Sometimes the big changes happen in the background. They don’t change the way something looks or feels, but suddenly they have opened new doors that we didn’t know existed.

The open API is one of those changes. Quietly it creates seamless workflows between tools, saves time and improves investigation quality – allowing you to focus on getting the job done. We know how important that is to you.

Therefore, the major news in the new release of Analyze 16.4 is the next generation of the API, greatly improving the ease of integration of external modules. Keep your eyes open, a new exciting collaboration will be announced soon!

Another exciting and very noticeable change in the new release is the introduction of a new standard version of Analyze DI, with generic use configuration (i.e. categories, tags and bookmarks) that can be applied and adjusted to suit any type of investigation. This is the next step in the development of the platform, and allows each user to adapt the tool to their particular type of investigation.

These improvements are both springboards for new possibilities, technologies and features – we’re looking forward to a very exciting 2017.

Specialized pro bono version of Analyze DI

With the new use case neutral platform, the pro bono version of Analyze DI becomes solely specialized for child sexual abuse investigations. This will make the tool easier and clearer to use for both child sexual abuse investigations and investigations in other crime types. For example, the CSA categories will only be available in the pro bono version.

Note: Offline users need to reactivate license key

With the upgrade and new standard version of Analyze DI all offline users need to reactivate their license key. This is to ensure you get access to the right version of the product, with the right categories.

When you open Analyze DI you will get a notification that you need to re-activate your license key. Just press ok and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

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