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Analyze 16.4.1 – Facing Endless possibilities
December 22, 2016 Kristofer

Facing Endless possibilities
– Analyze 16.4.1

Reaching the end of 2016 we lay the final bricks in the solid foundation for an exciting 2017. Today we release Analyze 16.4.1, with main focus on Analyze CS. Our CS users will for example notice that we are now several steps closer to the F1 implementation. The new release also includes implementation of the much improved Videntifier Visual matching technology as well as the introduction of global bookmarking capability.

The next time you hear from us the release of Griffeye Analyze 17.0, planned for February 2017, will introduce great new features and open up for new possibilities. Until then, we would like to thank all our users for an amazing 2016 and we are looking forward to an even better 2017.

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