We are engineers, designers, developers and problem-solvers who passionately believe in creating advanced technology for a safer society. Since 2015, we have been continuously developing the Griffeye platform to better serve our customers in building intelligence to solve cases.


Our mission is to provide the law enforcement community with, simply, the best resource for turning information into intelligence. This translates into two driving aims: to make our platform as excellent as possible and as open as possible. Our team is constantly developing the platform to include more sophisticated and intuitive methods for handling visual big data, such as incorporating machine-learning techniques.

Our open standards enable our users to optimize and customize the platform to suit their needs. Developers from across the globe contribute to the Forensic Marketplace, meaning users can select the latest, most advanced modules and plug-ins. As a result, our platform is a living, evolving and improving product, a collaboration of the brightest minds across the world.


Griffeye Analyze is used by investigators in 82 different countries around the globe.


Today there are 4071 different law enforcement agencies using the Analyze Platform.

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