Who we are

Engineers, developers, problem-solvers and law enforcement coming together

Griffeye was born out of the realization that police officers need more advanced solutions for handling large amounts of images and videos. Especially those working with digital media investigations for child sexual abuse cases.

In 2015, we released our first product which was the result of engineers, developers and problem-solvers coming together around the shared mission of serving these police officers and creating a solution that would support them in their daily work. Today, we work closely with the law enforcement community across the world, with both current and former police officers as part of our team, to make sure we always build the right solutions that make the most impact.

What we do

We build software that empowers law enforcement to solve vital cases

We innovate and build tech solutions that enable law enforcement professionals to swiftly sort and analyze large amounts of digital media—with a focus on sensitive material in child sexual abuse cases.

The Griffeye Analyze platform puts powerful solutions in the hands of investigators and examiners, with state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, and open standards for large-scale police collaboration.

Why we do it

To serve those who protect

Our core mission is derived from “To protect and serve.” The motto was first verbalized by the LA police department in the early 60s and, today, it’s rare to find a law enforcement official who doesn’t recognize it.

With deep respect for our customers’ mission, we’ve made it our driving principle “To serve those who protect.” In other words, we are here to serve the law enforcement community in their important work of making the world a safer and better place. We do this by creating solutions that make carrying out their demanding work as efficient as possible.