Turn overwhelming information into a valuable asset – Griffeye Analyze Platform

The world’s premier platform for accumulating knowledge
and building intelligence

A revolutionary, open and modular digital investigation software used by national security, defense and law enforcement agencies around the world.


Analyze DI

For individual users in their daily work, Griffeye Analyze DI is a powerful, innovative tool that takes out the legwork and administrative strain so you can focus on the investigation in front of you.

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Analyze CS Operations

For group efforts on individual cases, Griffeye Analyze CS Operations gives you and your colleagues a shared resource to gather knowledge, build intelligence and get results quicker.

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Analyze CS Enterprise

For long-term investigations, Griffeye Analyze CS Enterprise provides a reference library to help you and your organisation accumulate knowledge and build intelligence over time.

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Entity Management

Available as a module within CS Enterprise or as a standalone, Griffeye Analyze CS Entity Management lets you manage entities and link them automatically or manually.

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The latest Griffeye news

Be on top of your game – with the new Analyze DI Pro edition
Be on top of your game – with the new Analyze DI Pro edition

We speak to Johann Hofmann, Head of Griffeye, about the latest Analyze updates led by the new DI Pro…

Analyze 17.1.1 – Take Command!
Analyze 17.1.1 – Take Command!

In the newest release of Analyze, 17.1.1, we launch the first step of Analyze Command. Command allows integration of…

Listen to our webinar with Magnet Forensics
Listen to our webinar with Magnet Forensics

In September, Griffeye and Magnet Forensics are coming to Europe to talk about integrated digital forensics. If you want a…

So long to the silo: It’s time to put…
So long to the silo: It’s time to put…

Last week, the Head of Griffeye, Johann Hofmann, presented at the 2nd INTERPOL Digital Forensic Expert Group meeting in Seoul,…

Announcing new solution for teams
Announcing new solution for teams

Today we are proud to officially launch Analyze CS Operations. It provides the tools for law enforcement teams to…

How do you turn overwhelming information into an asset?

Technology has created the problem, but it can also provide the answer. The Griffeye Analyze platform puts you and your colleagues back in control, doing what you do best: Getting results.


Analyze Forensic Marketplace

A digital marketplace allowing users and Griffeye partners access to valuable add-ons developed by Griffeye or third parties.


Griffeye Analyze is used by investigators in 82 different countries around the globe.


Today there are 4071 different law enforcement agencies using the Analyze Platform.

Trained users

More than 1143 users have completed the two day Griffeye Analyze training program.